Using OTISA in the classroom – developing metalanguage

For teachers

If your students understand grammatical terms – that is, they understand the metalanguage – they are then better able to make a conscious decision to employ those grammatical features in their own writing to add depth and interest.

In addition, if students know and understand the metalanguage, you will be better able to provide them with feedback that is focussed and specific.  You could, for example, suggest that they might make their writing more engaging, or provide extra information, by adding noun groups.  This kind of feedback gives students something specific to work with.

OTISA can be of assistance to you in this regard in that it provides students with the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of the metalanguage.  As part of your feedback, if you think there is a need for students to revise understanding of the way in which a particular grammar feature ‘works’, then you can refer them directly to the relevant element and activities. (If you use the Teacher Reporting functionality, you can send students  an electronic message to this effect. This message will be available to them when  they next log in to OTISA.)